Yalenka Mariën


Specialises in: service and strategy design and training 

Yalenka has a master’s degree in Industrial Product Development from the University of Antwerp. After her studies, she started working as a Service and Interaction designer at Fjord Paris, part of the consultancy group Accenture. This experience helped her to thrive in multi-cultural working environments and appreciate the value of diversity. She started teaching at a design school in Paris, Les Gobelins, because the best way of learning is through teaching somebody else.  

Yalenka’s passion for combining service design with holistic systemic thinking motivated her to make the move to Namahn. She hones her design education skills as she continues to teach and by giving trainings at Namahn. With a focus on the public sector, she strives for co-design with impact. 

Yalenka started art school again for model drawing, it’s good exercise in observing and perfect to achieve a creative flow. In her free time you can find her cooking vegetarian meals, attending live music events.