Tilly De Rechter


Specialises in: UX/UI design, design systems and prototyping 

Tilly first discovered Namahn as an intern, engaged to work on a service design and wayfinding project for DoucheFLUX, an organisation providing facilities for the homeless in Brussels, as part of her Graphic & Information Design degree at LUCA School of Arts. Following her master’s degree in Media & Information Design (also at LUCA School of Arts), Tilly returned to Namahn as a full-time designer to further develop her people-centred design skills.  

Tilly’s ability to dissect complex issues and then use different forms of visualisation to explain them simply has paved the way to projects that focus mainly on prototyping, design systems, and fluid user experiences. She has helped Infrabel and Fluxys on the first steps of their design system journey and continues to support Fluxys in the further evolution of their design system. Tilly enjoys sharing her knowledge and best practice in this area through coaching and training. Her goal is to always make sure that applications and systems are clear and understandable for everyone and anyone. To this end, field studies, user testing, non-violent communication, and psychology are all happily applied. 

When she’s not dissecting information during work hours, Tilly enjoys listening to podcasts and watching documentaries about investigative journalism and true crime, reading, and activism. She also loves cats and has a hidden talent for intricate cross stitching.