Téré Diomande-Lambert


Specialises in: digital innovation and design research 

Téré started her professional experience in the world of start-ups at Station F, a Paris-based start-up campus for entrepreneurs. She then worked with the French national government in the innovation department for private retirement schemes. Téré became a UX and Scrum Master designer at the AGC glass research and development centre, a world leader in glass focusing on Innovation and New Business Development.  

Téré enjoys working with a wide range of professions and applies the Scrum methodology and Agile mindset as often as she can, as she finds that it energises teamwork processes. Téré also enjoys spending time setting up research and analysis methodologies, workshops (physical or remote), prototyping, testing, and iterations all the way to product development. She maintains that the human dimension should always remain front and centre as its goal is to provide coherent and well-orchestrated solutions in order to build services that are better adapted to human needs. 

In her free time Téré loves to teach her bird Karl new tricks. She also enjoys talking to and pruning her large assortment of plants. She spends a lot of time looking out of the window and drinking tea from her 60 cl cup.