Sabrina Tarquini


Specialises in: service design, UX/UI design, training 

Sabrina complemented her background in Product Design with a master’s degree in Product-Service-System Design at Politecnico University in Milan, Italy.  

Her strong attraction for international, multicultural settings brought her to Brussels. During her internship at Namahn, Sabrina was introduced to systemic design, which she then further explored for her final thesis. She eventually became co-creator of a toolkit for systemic design, which she has presented in several workshops and talks worldwide.  

In her professional experience spanning both the private and public sectors, Sabrina compliments her service design background with UX and UI design skills. This combination allows her to look at a design problem holistically, from the strategic picture to the detailed component. Still, she believes hard skills are never enough without openness to learning and a cohesive, passionate team. 

Outside the office, Sabrina spends her free time digging into analog and digital sketching, as well as music. Aside from singing classes and occasional strumming, she would never say no to a hard rock concert. Even if she doesn’t define herself as a radical Italian, she loves cooking, especially if guests are around.