Emilie Maccarini


Specialises in: user insights, interface design and information architecture

With a degree in International Communication and Globalisation, Emilie is an information architect and UX designer who has been with Namahn since 2014.   

Emilie brings her critical researcher’s eye to design projects, looking beyond the hype at the true potential of emerging technologies. She leads the “insights” practice at Namahn and is passionate about combining quantitative and qualitative data. She adheres to an evidenced-based approach to design. 

Emilie is a skilled facilitator of workshops and strongly believes that co-creative design can improve the situation of vulnerable users. She has a soft spot for accessibility by design and will try to sneak it into any project that she works on.  

When not designing the future, Emilie likes to evoke the past. She dances balboa, a swing dance from the 1920’s and enjoys listening to jazz from the same era. Often, she’s found snooping around in thrift stores for the perfect combination of modern and vintage.